A Top Swing Trading Pattern by Tom Willard

http://www.tomwillardtrading.com – October 7 2014 Update – I have started doing a Technical Analysis Course Series of videos on my channel. These will be in depth videos on various concepts that many educational companies charge money for. If you are interested, Part 1 is here: http://youtu.be/7LEuUoiG3Ys

This video is one of the top swing trading patterns/concepts out there. It’s simply finding a trend and looking for a retracement based on simple fibonacci retracement concepts. Anyone can learn these simple technical setups quickly and put them to use immediately!

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43 thoughts on “A Top Swing Trading Pattern by Tom Willard”

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  6. Awesome! I really appreciate how you broke that down and gave a simple example!

  7. Does this guy sound like Ben Affleck or am I nuts? I swear to God Tom Willard is a pseudonym.

  8. Hey great explanation! Couple questions, how do you scan for these stocks? And do you have a specific market cap and/or float in mind? Also do you use stop loss under that support base or do you watch it all day and use mental stops?

  9. Hi Tom,

    Have you recognized this recently on any stocks and is there an easy way to identify potential stocks?

    Thanks in advance

  10. Is it possible to trade with 10k and average about 5% a week.I live in mexico and only need about 3-5 hundred a week to live.

  11. Trade pivots. No matter what timeframe or style (time, tick).. It is what computer based trading is based on and if you don't think like a computer you will lose in ANY market. 

  12. I found out this strategy watching stocks myself past 12 months. You explained what practice (and losses haha) have taught me. A job well done, most of these vids are BS but this is excellent material for both novice and expert traders.

  13. well why not use fibonacci retracement instead. the 40% retracement is generally the 61.8 point on the fibo retracement.

  14. what about on a down trend? i noticed mostly a couple of times when i draw a fib from high to low on a down trend it seems to always pulls back to this level 38.2%. With proper PRICE ACTION CHART READING you will get in on confirmation on next candle closing above resistance or below support in this case just like this video : )

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  21. @zedd1 – I agree. People should stop buying pointless systems and learn to trade themselves. Get some entry system like the pipdaq setups which trade price and momentum. That way you stand a chance of actually making consistent profits!

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