Advanced GET Trading Software – XTL (eXpert Trend Locator) Breako…

This video explains XTL (eXpert Trend Locator) breakout trade which deals with finding the largest or the biggest strength of the market, underlining Elliot Wave structure of the trend.
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3 thoughts on “Advanced GET Trading Software – XTL (eXpert Trend Locator) Breako…”

  1. @gakkadguy Thanks for you comment.  Are you aware of our Advanced Get mentoring sessions?  We normally cover topics such as the question you brought up during the "Trading Stocks for Greater Profits" webinars: 

    To answer your immediate Q: we recommend using the money management principles presented in the Advanced Get webinars to take you out of trades that don't work out.  This applies not only to the XTL but to any other strategy.  Happy trading!

  2. Just curious, how many false positive signal's occur vs. positive signal using this methodology. 
    The nature of  technical analysis is lagging indicator rather than leading, since the price is in the past.
    Therefore there are hundreds of indicator and people continue to invent new indicator and even if you use all indicator you still will never get a consensus BUY or SELL signal.

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