An honest review of YTC (Yourtradingcoach) Price Action Course

Please make sure to learn the basics of technical analysis before purchasing these materials. I left some links where you could easily learn the basics in less than 1 hour 😉
Here are the links I promised:
YTC price action course link:

Forum containing some reviews:

Sample pages from YTC book:

Great materials to learn the basics (free):

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9 thoughts on “An honest review of YTC (Yourtradingcoach) Price Action Course”

  1. I agree with you, English is no my mother tongue but it was easy to understand. I tried in the past with Al Brooks and I did not undertand what he tried to say. Many people say that Al brooks is a genius but he has problems to comunicate ideas. With Lance is totally diferent His writing is so understandable and his five strategies so logical and simple that I loved his books from the beginig.
    About his accent I agree too and I realize that there is another australian trader and could not understand his talking, his name is timon weller .

  2. Awesome buy … I've been dying to learn the market and this book has brought some knowledge on the technical end… I strongly recommend this book if you're looking knowledge and trading with more confidence

  3. Nice to see that honest review 🙂 In my opinion the best trading book/course. Along with Al Brooks trilogy, but waaay much easier to read and easier to understand. All 6 volumes cover virtually every topic about trading – from basics, through pure technicals, metagame (uniqe psychological approach to the market, only this is worth price of the books), and all details how to treat trading like business. I've read and skipped many trading books and see few video courses but if I would have to recommend just one – it would be this one. Why? Because it's good, it shows complete, reasonable strategy the way you understand it and it covers a lot of aspects, about which different books don't tell anything, like your developing as a trader, step by step. It's COMPLETE. Deffinitely worth its price.

  4. Here's my honest opinion. I purchased this product using the link from this video on the description with skepticism because of the author's foreign accent, and here's what I think: This reviewer is way too humble in his review. This book made me predict char movements with insane clarity. I used the techniques on day trading, swing trading and long term trading, I left my job 7 months ago and I am a full time trader after reading these materials and practicing a lot with paper trading. This is by far the best book about trading the market that I ever read and it makes me mad that it doesn't get the credit it deserves. Thank you again for making me discover this masterpiece and just for advice, don't be that humble on your next reviewsCheers

  5. I highly recommend to by this course from YTC directly… But if you are a starting poor trader like me I have another solution for each book for USD10 you can buy any part of this course for USD10.,,

  6. I am reading his books and agree with you.The course is very useful and it is very hard to practically implement the knowledge gained from the material.It  is confusing as I am in the early stages of reading.But I completely agree with you regarding the genuine nature of Lance Beggs in educating people like me.Good luck in implementing Lance trading techniques.

  7. thank you for a very informative review of YTC. i also want to thank you for mentioning tim sykes because i was also looking at getting his material along with YTC, but may hold off on that until i can afford to risk anything on his material. i will also agree with the previous poster that you have a cool accent.

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