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Moving Average is one of the key technical indicators for any technical analysis. Be it a Swing Trading, Intraday, Short or Medium term or Long term investment, the combination of moving average provide very valuable insight on the direction of the stock or a commodity.

It is important to find out a right combination of moving average for a profitable trade. For each type of a trade the moving average combination change.

Besides right combination, the investor/trader should use the moving average only with Average Directional Index or ADX technical indicator. The moving combination provides correct result only when the stock is trending i.e. ADX is increasing. I personally avoid MA combination when Average Directional Index is declining or the trend is declining.

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36 thoughts on “BEST Moving Average Combination – Technical Analysis | HINDI”

  1. Aap no bhagawan accha karna chayiye kyunki koi itna accha baathate nahi..dushrokaha baalai karne walo ko amesha bhagawan saath dethe hai…god bless you sir..isi tarah dushronko baalai karo sir thank you so much

  2. Sir thnx for sharing this video, pls clarify if ADX is downward or sideways tb Ema /sma signal nhi deti tb koi bhi trade nhi lena ya koi aur indicator use krke trade le skte hai.

  3. U r showing adx one line it is showing strength of direction if u use combination lines if adx+ adx- u will learn about strength of bullish and bearish happening

  4. Sir you are simply awesome and thax for providing such useful information keep it up we support you for ur lovely efforts

  5. Nice video sir aapse bahut kuch sikhne ko mil raha hai really appreciated your hard work

  6. great videos, god bless you sir. i want to know what are diff chart settings for different periods while using moving averages

  7. Sir,
    when to enter stock ? on the day 50 ema crosses 200 ema or have to wait for another indication on different indicator/chart?

  8. sir intraday ka jo combination hay ema ka vo commodity me chalega….or adx ka use kre commodity me

  9. Keep teaching us Nitin Sir. May ALLAH Bless you & protect you against Haters & Bullies, Ameen.

  10. thank you so much for spreading such useful information Sir. Can you please suggest about the time frame for swing trading , 6 months trading , 1 year trading and 3 years trading .. In one of your videos you took 1hr on top 7 days on status bar of chart. Please suggest.

  11. Sir ma ek army person ho aur on duty hu mane aap ki video dakh ka bht kush sikha ha aur bht kush kar v diya ha ma bol nahi sakta matlab ki mare pass apke liye boal he nahi ha sir u great man

  12. sir I have tried EMA 20 100 for one stock it goes fine but for second stock for 100 days line it shows n/a
    so what is problem in it
    or whether I go wrong

  13. hello sir, which EMA do you prefer for intraday 5/20 or 9/20? because you have used 9/20 in your live intraday trading.

  14. Thanks a lot sir. Just one query…for each type of trade what should be the time frame that must be selected from the bar below the screen?

  15. Is it good to buy the securities on the opening bell for intraday..?? Because I bought particular security on opening bell of Monday and it dropped down to -4.14% immediately. The same security was trading consistently in uptrend from previous Monday to Friday. I bought the same security on opening bell of Wednesday it hiked to 10%.

    Does this implies that it's not good idea to buy securities on opening bell of Monday, but can be bought on opening Bell during other days once the security is set in uptrend?


  17. Respected Shri Nitinji, though I am 66 years of age, I will say you most respectable person for me as your dedication to the society is too much appreciable. Since more than 7 years I was suffering huge loss for want of guidance from my broker but fortunately since the time I have started to watch and implement your videos, I started profit earning and soon day will come when I will earn the losses suffered by me during 7 years and will earn profit from the market. Thank you sir very much again and again.

  18. What should be bottom setting for Swing/Medium/long term…. I understand for top these are set as 15mins/day/day?

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