Candlestick Trading Chart for Penny Stocks: Technical Analysis

You should always use candlestick trading charts when you are buying and selling penny stocks (or any kind of shares for that matter).


Here is a quick tutorial walk-through lesson of how candlestick charts work, and what they tell you about the future direction of a stock’s trading price.

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Candlestick charts have certain set-ups and patterns which will help you profit from penny stocks.

For example, there is:

– doji
– dark cloud cover
– hammers
– tombstones
– harami

Each of these patterns reveals what a penny stock might do next. In fact, we will have several follow-up videos about each of these patterns which you may see in a candlestick chart, and how to use them to trade shares.

This technical analysis works with all sorts of investments, and is great when looking at trading penny stock companies. .

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31 thoughts on “Candlestick Trading Chart for Penny Stocks: Technical Analysis”

  1. Awesome! You have a different way of teaching which I was able to understand. Thanks again!

  2. I LIKE that they are filling the candlestick with other colors than black. Everything BAD is usually indicated by the color black. Psychologically, that is not good. They could have always used ANY color to fill the candlestick. Black is not really even a color! Thanks new candlestick makers!!!!!

  3. Thank you for this great video Peter. Before starting investing I always wondered what these charts meant but now thanks to you I can start to have a better idea on when to invest.

  4. Peter, just bought your book (kindle version) and I plan to buy the hard copy as well. I have a few penny stock and I am planning to buy more. Thanks for all your videos.

  5. Is it just me, or can everyone just sit and listen to Peter talk all day? Dude, you come across so well in your manner of speaking that's it's stupid simple to understand what once seemed very confusing to me. Thank you so much for your videos. Btw, I am half way into your book "Penny Stocks For Dummies" and once again, stupid simple to understand. Thank you for what you are doing. Please don't stop.

  6. hello sir I just bought your book but I don't even know how the chart work can you make a 1 more video about how to use the chart and buy and sell for newbies? sorry for wasting your valuable time I'm just a beginner never used any stock site or charts before its to confusing for me I can understand that if you can't make the video because you have also work to do 🙂 have a nice day sir ?

  7. Your videos and "dummies" book are incredibly helpful. Thank for you them. However, I have to say that your promise at the end of this video at 5:13 – "If you subscribe to this channel then everything will be good for the rest of time" – really made me crack up. And that's a compliment.

  8. man.!! u should be an actor. love ur videos. just got interested about a week ago. what is the best app to practice with?? thanks?

  9. Great video – incredibly helpful. I'm a total newbie looking for all the fundamentals I can. This is about the 5th video of yours I watched. Keep them coming

  10. Thank you, really easy explanation about how to ready candles.
    One question is in a day graph / hourly. What are each candle? they mean the value at that hour? value at open hour, highest into that hour???

  11. You have the best way to teach things. It is much easier to follow your instructions. Great job sir!!

  12. Say for instance a penny stock is going to rise the next day,how do I know when to buy the penny stock the day before so I can make a profit from it ? All in all ,how do I know if the penny stock will rise the next day so I can buy shares the previous day ?

  13. Just found you on You Tube and I think you are the best out there, love the way you explain things…. clear to the point and understood…. Great Job! Keep it up… I am subscribed…

  14. Just subbed, lots of great info and advice on this channel! Keep up the good work! Appreciate it

  15. I can't get enough of these candlestick charts, loved the video as always! I was wondering if in the future you will be creating a video showing what these candlestick patterns show? I am going to pick up the candlestick book (I couldn't find it on Amazon today?) to gain more knowledge on the subject.
    I am currently using QuestTrade as my trading platform, any insight on their platform?

  16. peter can I ask you about nxst chart as a swing long entry ( also a tv broadcaster) and afmd a tiny early stage biotech. it looks like maybe too much resistance at 3.50 on afmd so maybe not at all worth the risk to buy it for a swing long. finally do you have a guess as to where the s+p is going? many think it will fall now but some still think it will see all time highs this year and that 2016 will be good for the market. thanks for your input. the market is having a big battle between the bulls and bears at this 2040-2050s area so I am not sure where it ends up going.

  17. hi peter, I have traded evc for years and always bought when the chart looked bad and always made money. the fcc is having a spectrum auction starting this month so depending on how much bidders spend to buy spectrum from companies like evc, nxst, sbgi and others these companies could be 50% or or higher in 6+months. we will only know in fall/winter how much the auction brought in for each tv broadcaster selling their spectrum to companies like google and others. you may want to google "fcc spectrum auction" if you have interest as most dont know anything about the upside to this sector. One could swing trade these now but before fall one would probably want to invest and just sit.

  18. hi do you mind giving me an opinion on EVC as a swing long entry now at 6.94? thank you and great vids

  19. I was watching for the new 2nd edition of "Penny Stocks for Dummies". The cover showed a pawn and a king. Now that the 2nd edition is OUT, I notice a different cover. Are these two different books?

  20. Hey Peter, just loving all the new videos you have been sending out. I have especially been enjoying the latest ones on TA. Keep the videos coming!!!

  21. Great video for starters, when i first started trading stocks a lot of books only considered line graphs as the way to trade, then a few years later I got into day trading and suddenly candlesticks were the only thing I was allowed to use………and rightly so!!

  22. Hey Mr. Leeds, if I'm just starting my penny stock education do you think it is wise to begin trading my real brokerage account right after learning the basics? I'm just excited to start and want to know when is the right time to trade real money

  23. This series ist what we just needed! A complete guide to the basics of Leeds strategy. Also can't wait for the new edition of his book "Pennystocks for dummies". Seems like Amazon is having delivery problems in Germany. 🙁

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