CCI Indicator Strategy for Winning Trades

CCI Indicator Strategy for Winning Trades – using the Commodity Channel Index to Become Profitable in Your Day Trading and Swing Trading.

Avoid trading the CCI indicator overbought and oversold signals. Do the opposite instead!

Enjoy the video! Leave your questions and comments below!

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Barry Burns
Top Dog Trading

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26 thoughts on “CCI Indicator Strategy for Winning Trades”

  1. Dr. Burns
    In your opinion is there any significance when we see a divergence between price action and the CCI indicator? For example higher highs and a steady falling CCI value.

  2. So much "revelation" in under 12 minutes-awesome and simple to understand! It actually sunk in but that's what I expect from TopDogTrading thank you Dr. Barry Burns

  3. Crystal clear explanation, great and "easy" way to separate retrace from trend change . Nice going, Bill Bowers

  4. Good method to spot for short opportunities. Thank you a lot for explaining CCI so clearly.

  5. I'm trying this indicator out on crypto and it isn't giving me good signals, idk about this one. seems like when it becomes over bought it just reverses and continues to show strength to the downside

  6. Theres somethong about listening to Dr Burns that makes it so simple to understanding and makes trading look like piece of cake!

  7. makes sense to me, curious to take a look at some stocks over the weekend and see how it holds.

  8. Very interesting stuff here. At what point in the reversal of the movement do you determine its a "weak move" in that direction and not a fake out that will continue into a "strong move" signal? It seems that you would miss a lot of the stock movement waiting for an entry point before you know the weak move is confirmed. I trust that it's a useful tool and backtesting always makes these things look even better but I'm struggling to picture how to use this in real time day trading strategy. Thanks for the helpful video! I am definitely sharing with my other trading buddies who are learning this along side me.

  9. TopDog you a the king. I'm really impressed by your simple explanation. South Africa is where I am.

  10. Excellent again! Would love to share, but I gave up social media 2 years ago… sorry. 🙂

  11. Hi Barry, your videos are very helpful thanks. Here's a question: You are using daily candle over CCI, i've been using hourly candle and results are good too, however with daily candle the market doesn't swing enough to get a high profit margin which i find hourly to be helpful. Any particular reason for you to not use hourly candle?

  12. Hi Barry, you're indeed top dog. This is the best CCI tutorial there is and best of all you provide these learning materials for free. Thanks alot…

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