Creating custom indicators – ProRealTime

Creating custom indicators – You can create custom indicators with ProBuilder which is a simple programming language created by ProRealTime. These indicators can then be used on your charts to perform technical analysis of stocks, futures, indices, or forex pairs.

ProRealTime is online charting software for technical analysis & trading. ProRealTime’s high quality charts, market data and analytic tools make it a powerful decision support tool. In constant evolution since 2001, the ProRealTime trading platform is used by tens of thousands of Professional and Non-Professional traders every day.

End-of-day version – 100% free:
* Free and unlimited access to the Complete version of the software
* Mobile version access
* Extensive historical data available (ex: Dow Jones index since 1928)
* High quality market data

Real-time version :
* Free 2-week trial with no commitment
* Individual training sessions available to learn to use the platform available

Create a free account in just a few clicks on the ProRealTime website –

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