How The Pro’s Trade Using Average Directional Index ADX This video has been published to help you understand the metrics of Average Directional Index (ADX). Stock Market Strategy shows you how you can combine ADX with other indicators resulting in higher odd’s setups.

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8 thoughts on “How The Pro’s Trade Using Average Directional Index ADX”

  1. Has anyone changed the time frame on the ADX? I like the combo of 10 EMA, 20 EMA with the ADX time set at 10 with the positive and negitive DMI strength. For BULL markets I like stocks uptrending and buy in the range of -1% to 1% of the 20 EMA with the postive DMI on the ADX set at 10 day going up. Always setting a stop loss just in case. I think people over think swing trading. What you think?

  2. Good indicator for beginners as well as for advanced trader because it takes away stress and risk from forex market.

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