How to use Fibonacci Retracement in Stock Trading – 2 Hindi Tutor…

In this video Edward Ji takes you through 2 and half months of EuroUsd chart to explain one of the techniques to use the Fibonacci Retracement Tool.

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37 thoughts on “How to use Fibonacci Retracement in Stock Trading – 2 Hindi Tutor…”

  1. Thank you so much for ur valuable teachings for new aspirants like us. Sir i have a doubt…would like to know how to we know each time that we are on the lowest tip. Since this a predictive tool, we need to first understand the lowest point first and then predict the next level of rebounce. I am a bit confused abt how to ensure that a particular point is the lowest tip.

  2. Dear sir, thanks a ton for providing the information regarding. I am watching regularly to know more about trading.

  3. Hello sir ye Fibonacci ratio live streaming may down point kaise malum hoga aur waha se ye bounce hoga ya niche jayenga kaise pata chalenga

  4. Thank you sir for providing your valuable information, but i want to know the sequence of your videos i just stated to watch your videos but little confuse which video to watch first & which one next to it for successful understanding of your concept

  5. how can we combine fibonacci with moving everage plzz tell sir or give the link of perticular video in which u tell about that combination

  6. How to identify low point from which it is going to rebound?, sometimes the point we considered as low was not low, it went further down to rebound

  7. Sir ji, agar mujhe equity me koi stock ka analysis karna hai to candle stick chart study karu ya febonacci ya combine karna

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