IQOPTION Trading Techniques : OTC Trading by using 3 candles and …

WinWiFi Team [Thailand] IQOPTION :OTC Trading by using 3 candles and indicators
Binary Option Trading Techniques by WinWiFi Team [Thailand]. For more information please contact :

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15 thoughts on “IQOPTION Trading Techniques : OTC Trading by using 3 candles and …”

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  6. first candle is red second candle is red then call????? i didnt ur candles logic can u explain about three candles ..

  7. yo i just tried your strategy on demo mode with martingale and its damn good i did 27 trade won 19 ,70% successful rate Im gonna continue practicing but so far it seems like the real deal cause you trade on the direction of the current trend. Thanks for posting this video

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