SaxoTrader Quick Start 5: Using Charts

An overview of how to open and use interactive charts in the SaxoTrader trading platform, modify chart settings and add technical indicators for trading Forex, stocks and other assets.Transcript:Using ChartsWelcome to the introduction video for our trading platform. These episodes will introduce you to the trading platform providing an explanation of all its features.The trading platform features advanced charting functionality such as advanced technical analysis, multiple chart types as well as numerous other tools.In this episode we will be looking into Charts and how you can:Open a chartInteract with the Chart ModuleModify the chart SettingsAdd and remove technical indicators1 Opening a ChartThe chart module can either be invoked by adding it from the Tools menu, or you can right click an instrument and select Charts.2 Overview of the Chart ModuleThe chart module is highly interactive.The navigation basics include panning and scaling.To pan the chart click anywhere in the chart area, hold and drag it horizontally.To scale the chart click and drag either the horizontal axis [pause] or the vertical axis.You can change the charted instrument by selecting a new one in the instrument field.To change the timeframe of the chart simply use the timeframe drop down.The type dropdown allows you to change between the different chart types.The curser tool is a selection tool.The crosshair button and drop down menu contain the measuring tools.Use the magnifying glass to zoom to a specific area, and the restore button to restore the chart view after zooming or dragging.The technical indicators drop down menu contains a multitude of technical indicators to be applied to the chart — This functionality will be explained in more detail later.The drawing tools drop down menu contains the tools that allow you to add custom elements to the chart area.Use the remove selected or all annotation buttons to delete individual or all custom added elements on the chart.The view/hide trades and related orders buttons will display trades and related orders on the respective instrument graphically on the chart.3 Chart SettingsTo customize the chart to match your personal preferences edit the settings of the current chart by right clicking and selecting any of the options from the Settings section — but note that this only applies to the current chart.To change the default settings for all charts select the ‘Default Settings’ option.Here you will be able to customize the chart in great detail.Please note that these settings are only applied to all new charts opened after the settings are applied.4 Add/remove technical indicatorsTo add a technical indicator to the chart, simply open the technical indicator drop down menu and select one from the list.You can edit the details for the selected indicator. Select OK to add it.You should now be able to see the indicator in the chart area.Notice the name for the recently added indicator showing up in the upper left corner.You can click the indicator name to edit the properties.Or select the Delete option to remove it from the chart.You can create custom lists of your favorite indicators, and add them to the chart with one click, by using the ‘Studies Group’ function.Click ‘Customize Toolbar’ and click the ‘Studies Group’ button.Here you can add any technical indicator to the list and customize their properties.A new icon representing your grouped studies now appears in the toolbar. Try turning it on and off.This concludes this session. (Exit text)

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