Technical Analysis of Stock Trends …Timing the market

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Technical analysis of stock trends can give you a massive edge in the market. When combined with solid fundamental analysis of companies, reading crowd behaviour through stock charts should form a critical part of your trading strategies.

Learning how to read candlestick patterns is a skill that can be learned, but it’s important that you keep it simple and are guided by someone with experience.

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3 thoughts on “Technical Analysis of Stock Trends …Timing the market”

  1. I think it is important to say that this video is describing the Dow Theory and is useful for looking at sectors and markets as a whole, but not at individual stocks. The principles described here are useful to long term and infrequent traders who may only change their market position a few times a year.

  2. I have a question. Do you really think the technical analysis works? If so, then there must be one technical analysis method should work most of time if not always. That technique must have been already widely known and all the traders must have the same opinion (either buy or sell) when they look at the same chart. That would be a scientific law that should be taught in high school just like calculus and law of gravity being taught in school. If everyone trades the same way as the chart say it should be, then the market cannot exist because everyone will try to sell at the same time and buy at the same time.

    Why would the institutions spend countless hours and money on fundamental analysis if there is one true way for Technical analysis to work? Why the universities don't teach technical analysis? Why the Nobel laureates don't study on technical analysis instead they published numerous studies on market efficiency, asset pricing model, diversification, rebalancing, and etc..? Because it doesn't work consistently enough giving any kind of advantage using technical analysis.

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