The Best Forex Indicator all traders should know about. TDI PRO

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The new TDI Pro is a all in one indicator that signals regular and hidden divergence with buy and sell alerts. It works great with the Quarters Theory price points for the best entries with smallest stops. Regularly $249.00 it is available here for only $97.00 Join us on Facebook!

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13 thoughts on “The Best Forex Indicator all traders should know about. TDI PRO”

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  2. are there any CURRENT videos on the TDI PRO? Also is any one trading this with consistent success???

  3. This is going to come in handy! It combines everything I was using: short term MAs for price, mid term MAs for market sentiment, the 200 MA long term trend and Plus a stochastic

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  5. Actually i use this tichnic years ago and just from my mind. And now i see it in youtube.! I tell yu guys just rsi ema billingerband but with difrent settings

  6. go to the 7 min part of the video and watch from there. The big difference is the ability of the indicator to draw divergence lines and trade entry arrows on the tdipro and the chart

  7. What's the difference between the TDI PRO and the free version? Both look the same to me

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