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Python math and stocks: How to program the Chande Momentum Oscill…

This tutorial video covers how to program the Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO).

The purpose of this series is to teach mathematics within python. To do this, we will be working with a bunch of the more popular stock indicators used with technical analysis.

With most of the indicators, we will first discuss them, their purpose, then teach how to program them into python, then actually display them on a chart.

The basic charting application comes from a previous tutorial series, here:

Required files:
Sample Code for the actual charting parts:

Percent Change Video:

How To Use Relative Strength Index [ RSI ] “Uniformity” Part 9 [H…

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Trading Betfair with Advanced Technical Indicators

In short this is a new, more analytical way to trade Betfair. It might appear complicated but in fact the charts are very simple to read. This is one template I use in my trading of pre-race horse racing markets on Betfair. The graphing capabilities are endless and you would customize these depending on which Betfair market you trade. Primarily I stick to horse racing trading due to the perfect amount of volatility (somewhere inbetween in-play and pre-match football). Please feel free to comment whether your questions are on Betfair trading using this application, or Betfair trading in General.

Why we didn’t go long today. Technical Analysis of Nifty and Bank…

Why we didn’t go long today. Technical Analysis of Nifty and Bank Nifty.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are my person opinion and should not be used as buy/sell recommendation. If you incur any loss directly or indirectly by considering my analysis, I shall not be responsible for that.

Success Sequence Trading Strategy:

How I decide trade (Understand buy/Sell Signal):

I use simple moving average, exponential moving average, MACD I & II and RSI. Along with the above I also try to consider price action by way of analyzing candlestick. To further support my decision making by reading option chain data. Video links are mentioned below (I have discussed my videos in length about various strategies that can be used to decide strength and accordingly generate buy/sell signal.):

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Note: The same analysis can be sued for swing trading (Weekly Charts, Monthly Charts) and also for intra-day trading (1 minute chart trading, 3 minute chart trading, 5 minute chart trading, 10 minute chart trading, 15 minute chart trading, 30 minute chart trading and Hourly chart trading).

Moving average trading strategy:
[A simple moving average (SMA) is an arithmetic moving average calculated by adding the closing price of the security for a number of time periods and then dividing this total by the number of time periods. Exponential moving average is same SMA excep more weight is given to latest data]


I use two moving averages (Simple and Exponential Moving average) to decide the strength and accordingly generate buy/sell signal.

MACD Trading Strategy:
[Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) is a trend-following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of prices.]


I use two fibonacci MACD (Moving average converge divergence) one with setting of (5,8,3) and another with (13,21,8).

RSI Trading Strategy:
[The relative strength index (RSI) compares the magnitude of recent gains and losses over a specified time period to measure speed and change of price movements of a security]


I use RSI with 61.80 as upper zone and 32.80 as lower zone. I also consider 50 as also important level for price reversal.

Fibonacci Golden Moving Average:

I use two moving averages (Simple and Exponential Moving average) with golden ratio number 61.8033 to decide the strength of the market relatively longer term. It can guide to predict market tops and bottoms much earlier.

Price Action:

I use candlestick analysis to check the sentiments prevailing in the market. I have discussed the concept of various candlestick chart patterns and the less known concept of candlestick wicks and tail, which can be used to identify important support and resistance zone along with the sentiments at particular price level.

Reading of Option Chain data:

I start my analysis by first determining option activity range on daily basis and then I observe the position built on each level (call buying, put buying, call writing, put writing) to predict the sentiments. I use my special formula to find out probability of market going up, down or stable. See my videos where I have shown the calculation part.

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