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Forex Trading the ADX Indicator

[UltraVid id=20 ]Forex Trading the ADX Indicator: How to Avoid False Signals and Trade the Profitable Ones.

Sometimes the simple Forex trading indicators are the best. Here’s one of the first Forex trend indicators I learned that still works great today.

This works equally well for the stock market and futures and E-minis.

Stock Market Cycles – How to Time Your Entries with Precision

[UltraVid id=18 ]Stock market cycles intro – confluence of time and price.

Everyone uses the price axis in their trading, yet very few people know how to use the time axis (at the bottom of the chart) to measure cycles in timing their entries and exits. This video provides an introduction.

Stochastic Momentum Index Indicator for Safe Trade Entries

[UltraVid id=17 ]Stochastic Momentum Index indicator for Forex, stocks and E-minis.

The stochastic momentum index (SMI) can show you when a trend is strong (thus providing a good entry signal) and when a trend gets weak (providing a good exit signal).