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Would you trade Reggie Wayne for Ronnie Brown?

This trade is intriguing for me since they are both top dogs so far…
to add detail…I have LT, F-Jax, Wells and Grant for RBs. I have Reggie, Housh, Manningham, S. Rice, and Maclin as WRs…
Its a deep 14 team league…and so far RBs have been MUCH harder to acquire than WRs.

Trading indicators are best used along with money management and good risk control, using tesnical indicators alone will not enable you to ne a successful trader, the market is just too random

Free Top Dog Trading Course

Here is a great free gift from Top Dog Trading, they have just finished creating a new course that gives you the most important things that turned around Barry Burns own trading.

At first they were going to charge for it, but they have decided to start the New Year by giving it away to all of their students, subscribers and readers.

It is just their way of saying “thank you” for your friendship, and to help you make this your best trading year.

There are no strings attached and you don’t have to “opt-in” to anything. Simply go to the site, download the PDF outline and then follow along with it as you watch the 3 videos (there is about one hour of training in all).

It’s there for you at the Top Dog Trading Blog

To access the course, just go to the front page of the blog and you’ll see the most recent post at the top of the page gives a quick introduction and then gives you the link to the course.

The post is entitled: “Top 20 Daytrader Secrets for Day Trading Stocks, Emini Day Trading, Forex and Other Markets.”

Just go to  Top Dog Trading Blog

The best thing about the Top Dog Trading Couse is that it basically only uses 3 trading indicators, these are:

  • Simple Moving Average
  • MACD
  • Stochastics

But you need to know that these indicators are used in a very special way to show you the trend, momentum and cycle of the stocks, futures, forex or whatever it is that you are trading because the trading system is very generic and can be applied to almost anything.

The trading system is very simple but is extremely effective, this is something that you don’t want to miss!