Trading the Crude Oil (CL) Futures Market Using FREE Ninja Trader…

Trading Light Sweet Crude Futures (CL): Simple and effective setups using FREE indicators in Ninja Trader and basic price action principles

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6 thoughts on “Trading the Crude Oil (CL) Futures Market Using FREE Ninja Trader…”

  1. I know how to change the bar color. I wanted to know how to get transparent red and filled red and green bars? What is causing some bars to be transparent and some to be filled? Is it a special indicator? Where can I find it?

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  3. Been trading the simple 3 bar up=down-up on oil futures last 2 days with great results. Using a 10 range bar and a slow stochastics 2-20-2 settings, and a combo on BBands and Keltner channels to show extreemes in price action. Three months since you've commented on this video. Interested in the 2 time frame set-up you mentioned below.

  4. hi,

    i'd like to know what you use to trade and what your enter/exit strategy is. I'd appreciate it if you could share. my email address is or you can reply directly.

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