What are Fractals?

Since I discuss fractals in all my videos I just thought it would be fitting to make sure everyone knows what a fractal is and how to spot a fractal. Your trading software should include fractals as an indicator.
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45 thoughts on “What are Fractals?”

  1. No one ever mention the profit target for Fractals. I have searched tons of videos, they never tell you the sell signal.
    Not every bullish fractal is followed by bearish fractal, so bearish fractal cannot be used as the sell signal.

  2. Nice video but with all sincerity succeeding in Forex goes beyond just putting up videos here on the internet for people to see not minding if the are hyped videos or not

  3. Chaos: At the video time of 3:18 minutes: I appreciate your analogy regarding the palm and fingers describing the aspect of fractals. This could be understood in a jiffy, where as one would need to think a little harder in respect to this. I believe this is tantamount to sloping minor trend lines where the wicks/pinheads need to be taken into consideration.

  4. Awesome videos! does fractal and Ichimoku works with Stock and ETFs or only effective with Forex.

  5. Regarding the second bearish fractal 3:53, isn't it giving a false signal? The eleventh candle is green?Thanks for the Video.

  6. Thank You for your time and effort. Loved your Ichimoku basics video. Helped me get a better understanding of the Market.

  7. Yes, yes, we know what a fractal is, why do you have to explain it like 7 times. OMG Itchy moko suchi yamaha bollocks too, this isn't how to trade. Dump the Jap crap and fractals and learn how to trade properly, cos this ain't it.

  8. Great video tutorial and very well explained.
    However I still have some more questions for the fellow trades who watched this video.
    Did any of you guys used this strategy?
    1. What is your success % ?
    2. Which timeframe you think is the best?
    3. What currency pair is best?
    Thanks in advance!

  9. Please explain why are you showing two opposite fractal directions and naming conventions. In your first examples you show the bearish fractals are above price but red arrows down and bullish fractals are below price with green arrows up. Then they are switched in the Ichimoku chart example. Based on Bill Williams the up arrows are above bullish and down are bearish. Confusing to say the least.

  10. Nice! I also noticed that sometimes fractals occur right at the start of the 'pinky'. Its also less laggy on higher timeframes.

  11. I've just been trading the slower Asian markets with the USDJPY and between this video and his ICHIMOKU video….i was able to close out a 39.1 PIP move in 63 minutes, using the 15-min charts for Trend and the 1-min chart for seeing when it started to RANGE. I feel VERY GOOD about this new information being added to my setup. Thank You!?

  12. very informative, specially the fractal and ichimoku combination. Thank you for sharing!

  13. God is good. Thank you for your videos and knowledge. What is learned must be taught in order to prevent disastrous events & be successful.

  14. Ichi has almost everything that we need for trade ,

    chiko can do this for us too

    and thanks for your very useful videos

  15. I was waiting to enter GBP/USD to short using the fractional indicator. What was amazing to me how FAST I determined to Sell 8/15/13 13:37 15m chart ((WOW)) I also had the Parabolic with the cloud. Printed my chart so I can review and make notes what a show. Gosh to ride up that huge candle then reverse for a short ride hahaa my light bulb came on I felt confident. I now feel comfortable trading FX for the first time. Oh I used the RSI 70/30 rule. FX is so much fun now I always liked it tho ;-D

  16. You are a great teacher Chaos yesterday I took the day to observe using the fractal indicator, because of your videos. I was looking for a indicator to reacted quickly to the price action on the chart. I am really impressed how the fractal worked it was like coping and paste depending of the direction like clockwork. Thank you for this video so much the other indicator I recently started using is the Ichimoku Cloud I like how you present it. I started using the could on my stock charts as well.

  17. Thank you very much, your videos are very useful for me. I hope you will continue!

  18. If you do a fractal indicator mt4 search on google you'll find a bunch of them. I use to trade the mt4 platform and had fractals so you can find some online. Usually it's included in the platform. If your platform indicators has a "Williams indicators" section then usually it's located under that heading. Hope you find some you like. Thanks and GOD BLESS!

  19. W D Gann used several tools and Fractal Reversals was one of the concepts used with his swing market hypothesis and Elliott Wave uses fractals to count waves so you see the importance of fractals. Thanks for watching and God bless!

  20. Tks for your video, your fractals sound very similar with Major Swings in Gann theory.

  21. do you have any indicators for mt4 for this ? i can't seem to find anything useful

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