What Are Technical Indicators RSI & MACD Indicator

A quick video lesson on Technical Indicators. Indicators are a key tool to prevent bad entries and excessive money loss. The MACD indicator and RSI indicator can help you trade on the right side of the trend. Learn a MACD trading strategy & RSI trading strategy.
Learn more about indicators from our blog: http://www.eatsleeptrade.net/#!technical-indicators/m3gt6

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7 thoughts on “What Are Technical Indicators RSI & MACD Indicator”

  1. Love your introductory videos. Love your pace and explanations. Also love your explanations on Watchlists. I'm a new swing trader and my target start date is April 1st! Would love to see a video on Bollinger bands if you have time. Thank you!

  2. Just discovered your videos. Great stuff to refresh my "old" memory! I've been a technical analyst for the past 15 years, and it's always good once in a while to come back to basics! Hope you'll refresh your charts for today's data… in this crazy markets!

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